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 HELP..my Oscar Fish is going crazy..?

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PostSubject: HELP..my Oscar Fish is going crazy..?   Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:48 pm

Okay I don't want any smart *** remarks or comments. I am truly concerned so if you are not going to help me with advice or if you are not experienced with Oscar fish don't bother. I have had my Oscar fish for about ten months now, three weeks ago he was bored of his food and wouldn't eat anything so then we set up a feeder tank and we were feeding him comet goldfish for about a week then it got annoying to have upkeep on the feeder tank so we put him back on freeze dried shrimp about a week ago. Now for the past week he has been going psycho every time we walk anywhere near his/her (I think its a girl) tank. She opens her mouth to the max she shakes her body and tale (she shakes her body and tale side to side, and then she will shake her tale up and down.) making waves in her tank and splashing water out of the tank and she will back up some of the times and the other times she will back up and then swim super fast and slam into the tank with her mouth open like she is charging us. We feed her shrimp which she loves we are never mean to her, we do frequent water changes. She just recently like last month had a parasite but we gave her some medicine. I don't know why she is hating us so much. If we look at her she opens her mouth at us if we sit up (shes in our bedroom) so if we sit up out of our bed she gets mad anytime we move or look at her or come near her she gets mad and freaks out. Except if we have her food can in our hand then shes fine bc she wants her food. IDK why she is doing this its very weird. Oh sometimes she will sit on the log we have in the corner its a long behind a tree and he will sit on the log like he is using it for a chair. Or he will sit on/behind the bubble wall. One more weird thing is that he used to always sit on the right side of the tank like the right side was her side and the left side was the suckers side, but now she has switched over to the left side (idk if it matters but the right side has the heater and the left side has the filter). So somebody who has knowledge of Oscar fish please please help she is driving me crazy bc she is being so mean and trying to attack me, oh if i stick my hand in the tank she wont bite or anything she just swims away or around, its only when we are outside her tank. I tried putting a blanket over her tank to see what she would do and she was so happy her color was so dark and she was swimming around, but when i took it off she got paleish again like only her fins get pale. So somebody please help idk whats going on idk if she is nesting or if she changed or something idk...please tell me what you think
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HELP..my Oscar Fish is going crazy..?
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