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 An udpate on Cookie

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PostSubject: An udpate on Cookie   Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:28 am

Cookie hurt her left paw/leg in some way about a week ago. I waited for a while to see if it would go away, hoping she had only stepped on something.
Sometimes her limp is more noticeable than at other times. When she was trying to run the other day, she was limping so much that she almost stumbled over her leg.
After this, I had my mom set up an appointment at the vet's.
That night, Cookie cried while he was licking her paw.
At the vet's, they did an x-ray (which Cookie did NOT like, but she behaved herself), but found nothing wrong. So they've decided that it was a soft tissue injury and sent us home with some pain meds to give twice a day or as needed.
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An udpate on Cookie
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