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 Old-Fashioned Christmas!

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PostSubject: Old-Fashioned Christmas!   Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:15 pm

So yesterday me and my mom and brother drove 3 hours to get to go to Tifton, GA to go to the Victorian Christmas celebration at the Agriama (sp?). Just the 3 hour drive was enough of a nice trip for me. I love looking at new surroundings.
But the Christmas celebration, was even better! They have a museum there and while we were waiting for the first event, we got lunch at the snack bar and looked in the museum. In there, they have actual old machines from the 1800's and early 1900's there, including the cotton gin and the Ford Model T. Among other things. What fun I had seeing it all!
Then, we went on a hay ride. And a train ride. Did I mention that the train you get to ride is a real train from somewhere around the late 1800's? Holy hotdawgs, it was awesome! My brother, a former train entheusiast to the extreme, loved it even more.
They have old buildings there (buildings made to look old actually, I think). We went into the old-fashioned drug store and bought an ice cream cone.
I'm telling you, that place is like walking into a Walton's episode!
Then we went to a dessert sampling, but the ice cream cone pretty much filled me up.
There were several events, and we went into different buildings. An old print shop (where they demonstrated how the printers work), a saw mill that is over 100 years old, a wood shop, a black smith shop, etc. Old houses. And there were real people in there, not just statues or videos.
I got to pop popcorn the old fashioned way! Over a fire. My brother did too, but one of his kernels popped into the edge of the lid, caught on fire, and set the others on fire. We were all telling what to do at once, and he was nervous. Finally, he just set it down, and someone else put it out. Best thing he could do, the way his hands were suddenly jerking the thing around. He could have ended up accidently flinging the pot into someone's stomach that way! Youcha! affraid

And there were people playing songs on instruments and homemade biscuits. Best biscuits I ever tasted too. bounce
As you can see, it was a day full of fun. We got home at about 11:00 that night.
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Old-Fashioned Christmas!
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