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 I've had about all I can take of ignorance...(rant)

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PostSubject: I've had about all I can take of ignorance...(rant)   Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:05 pm

Sorry to dump on you all again, but once again I am having an unpleasant conversation with someone who bred their dog.
First they started off with a happy thread (on another website) saying "My dog's eggo is preggo!" talking about how their dog may be pregnant again, but she's not sure because she never saw her tie with the male.
Basically, there were lots of red flags in her post and naturally I and some others posted addressing those red flags.
Then she answers saying that she doesn't breed according to standard because no one in her area is interested in show dogs.
I had asked her is she did health testing, and she answered saying she did some of the tests, but not all of them because of the cost and that not all of them were available in her area.
What the?!! She shouldn't be breeding at all if she can't get all the health tests and as for the cost, good breeders will pay for the cost no matter what.
Honestly, if she can't afford the health testing then why in the sam hill is she even breeding!?!
She also says that she's feeling liked she's being bashed. Neither I nor anyone else was bashing her, we were simply addressing our concerns.
It isn't my fault if she can't take criticism.

Oh great...now people are chiming in saying "Well come on and bash me now...I'm going to breed my dog without doing any health testing."
What the dawg? When will they get it???
And they also said "Well, people don't health test themselves before having a baby, so I don't see the point in health testing my dogs...besides, I've done it before and there's never been any problem."
[Please note that the quotes are not in those exact words, but the idea is the same.]
Dawg, their ignorance on the subject is enough try the nerves of the most patient person on earth! And for me? Well, I'm so upset I can't think straight right now...I shouldn't let it get to me like this...
I told them to quit assuming that I'm bashing them just because I'm correcting them. They were telling the OP that she didn't need to supervise her dogs while breeding or do health testing for gosh sakes! What was I supposed to do...? Sit by and twittle my thumbs while people who obviously haven't done their research are spreading myths to the OP? HECK NO! I wouldn't be quiet while that was going on if my life depended on it!
I've calmed down a little now, but I'm still upset.
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I've had about all I can take of ignorance...(rant)
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