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 No one up this morning?

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PostSubject: No one up this morning?   Fri Aug 08, 2008 7:20 am

Smile I fell asleep earlier than usual last night. First I woke up at 2 o'clock in the morning ( Question ), then I woke up at 5, then I woke up around 8. I'm not usually such and early-bird. And I bet this was good for Cookie's and Treader's, er, potty schedule though.
Anyone else up?
I didn't see any other posts. Not a surprise this early in the morning.
At around 12:30 my mom and brother and I will be leaving to go to the water park today.
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PostSubject: Re: No one up this morning?   Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:41 am

I am up at work but we are in Eastern Time Zone.
Pups are so used to potty at 530 am (they don't know or care even if it's weekend)

Enjoy the water park. We are taking the pups to "Bark in the Park" (rescue organization fund raiser) this Saturday but that's about it.
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Patti B.

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PostSubject: Re: No one up this morning?   Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:53 pm

Don't you just hate waking up several times during the night, or waking up early and there you are - no more sleep and up for the duration? Shocked

Hope you enjoyed the water park. We just had "Mother Nature's" water park here in the Denver metro area. The skies just opened up and really dumped a LOT of water in a very short period of time. I had dinner with my honey (his work-time"lunch," my after work dinner) on the far northeast side of town. At 7:30 he went back to work and I pointed the car south, then looked up at the sky. Omigosh ... pitch black with roiling clouds moving swiftly northward towards where I was. Yikes!

Within less than 5 minutes, it was pouring rain so hard that I had difficulty seeing the lines on the streets, the curb, the median ... anything at all except blurry break lights of the other cars. The water couldn't drain fast enough so lower spots and dips began to be large puddles, then small ponds, then cars started flooding out in front of me. Double yikes!!

At 7:50, I managed to float my Toyota "boat" across an intersection, up a small rise and into an apartment complex parking lot where I stayed until about 8:35 with the rain thundering down around me. When it finally slacked up enough so I could see, I could also clearly see that the intersection I had crossed earlier was still flooded, maybe worse. (I just wanna go home!!!)

It took another 40 minutes to backtrack to the east and find my way, along with a lot of other "lost" people, through higher ground neighborhoods back to the south. There were a lot of wrecks and a lot of abandoned cars with flooded out engines, and people wading through the water. I just kept thinking - "It coulda been ME, it coulda been ME."

Interestingly, now that I'm finally home (south side of metro area), it seems to have only sprinkled a bit here. My sprinkler system is on, and I'm leaving it on 'cos the ground out back was hard and dry. Storm systems are so weird.

And that's my adventure for the evening - it certainly took my mind off work! I thought the only dangerous driving was during bad winter snow storms. Oh, and New Year's Eve when we get to play "Dodge the Inebriated." Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: No one up this morning?   Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:07 pm

We too, have had flood warnings, and we live on a hill, our driveway was all washed out! I didn't go anywhere that day, too scared!! affraid
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PostSubject: Re: No one up this morning?   

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No one up this morning?
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