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 Little madam...

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PostSubject: Little madam...   Sun Mar 09, 2008 7:30 pm

Oh, GSDs and BSDs are a terrible combination... xD

It has been like the twilight zone in this house for months, things would disapear from the kitchen worktops to magically re-apear in a dog bed, normally shredded, we were puzzeled as to how this could happen.

I new that GSD was tall enough to reach onto the work top and if she wished to stand up she would have no bother reaching things, but she has never shown an interest...

BSD on the other hand being a very short BSD would not be able to reach anything. We found a shredded treat bag wrapper in the bed in the lounge, and that wrapper was previously on top of the microwave on top of the kitchen units.

I had already calculated that BSD could not jump onto the worktop in the corner as it would make her bang her head on the wall units...

So how where they doing it?

Me and my mum decided we needed to know, so last night set up a vidio camera on top of fridge in corner. We left a nearly empty bag of treats in the same place on top of microwave.

I just watched the tape.

First GSD had a good sniff of the air in the corner, I wondered if she was guilty after all... But no. He wondered out of kitchen, but he returned a moment later joined by Mateic. The pair of them then stood sniffing the air, I started to suspect a conspiricy brewing.

I swear, if I could have listened in it would have been...

"Sis, there's a bag of sweets up there, if you get 'em for me I will give you some..."

"You give me some, I don't think so little lady! I may give you a few, more like!"

BSD then went to the other side of the kitchen, by the cooker, where there are no wall units... And boinged straight up onto the worktop! She then tiptoed along, turned left, passed the un-dried dishes, skipped over the sink before taking the bag off the top of the microwave. Then jumped down, and the two of the scurried of to enjoy there swag.

I doubt if they gave the others any.

Little madam x)

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PostSubject: Re: Little madam...   Sun Mar 09, 2008 8:19 pm

BOL! [Bark out lout]
Nothing like that happens at my house, but Cookie likes to bully Treader. Treader gets back at her by barking at her when he knows she can't get him. Like when she's sleeping under the desk that I'm doing school work at (I'm homeschooled), she can't get out unless I scoot my chair back for her. Treader barks at her, and she growls at him, but he knows that she can't get him so he keeps it up! It's too funny!
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Little madam...
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